Minka de Chorlaví Fund

Suggestions for a Successful Candidacy


Experience of previous calls indicates that many bidding proposals fail for not paying attention to one or more aspects pointed out in this document. In order to be successful in the Minka de Chorlaví Fund Call for Projects, our suggestions are:


1.      Read the 2008 Call and the 2008 Official Regulation of the Minka de Chorlaví Fund carefully and inquire about all those points you have doubts on. It is almost impossible to succeed if you do not comply with this minimum step.

2.      Make sure that the Executing Organization of the project is a legal entity in a Latin American or Caribbean country and is a non-profitable private company.

3.      Submit your project profiles within the stipulated deadline (day and hour); all projects arriving even a few minutes late are automatically rejected, without exceptions. The deadline is September 30, 2008 at 1:00 pm, Santiago de Chile time.

4.      Submit complete documentation required by the Regulation.

5.      Follow the compulsory form established in the Regulation, including the maximum length of 1,300 words.

6.      Do not request a financial contribution to the Fund above the maximum limits established in the Regulation: US$ 15,000 if the project is implemented in only one country or US$ 20,000 if the project is implemented in two or more countries.

7.      Make sure that your bid schedule is limited to a maximum period of 12 months, which means, the project financed by the Fund will conclude no later than December 2008.

8.      Participate only if your project is clearly  framed in the Call topic, as defined in the 2008 Call: Rise in agricultural prices: a chance for small rural producers?

9.      Make sure your profile corresponds to the systematization project, research-action or applied research fields. Do not participate if it deals with a development or an academic research project.

10.   Become familiar with the merit evaluation criteria in detail. These are explained in the Regulation and the total score assigned to each criterion is indicated in each one.

11.   Check your own profile to make sure it contains sufficient information so evaluators can apply all and each one of the merit evaluation criteria. If information is missing from one criterion, your bid will be given zero points on it.

12.   Participate only if you have a really innovative experience, from which many can learn relatively new things.

13.   Organize a good team of people to participate in the project. We are looking for teams with experience and knowledge on the Call topic.